Amore e morte e Venezia

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Paolo Veroncse Apotheosis
In February 1883 it was 100 years since Richard Wagner died in Venice. It was the Carnival Season, and the Venitians, poetically and inventive as ever, gave the Carnival the motto “Love and Death in Venice”. A motto, precise and poetical, certainly related to Wagner, because it contained both the Composers range from Love and Death.

 The Republic of Venice had been for centuries the Empress of all cities. No one has portrayed it better than the famous Painter Paolo Veronese in his Painting The “Apotheosis of Venice”, which is fixed above the throne of the Doge in the Doge’s Palace.

Veronese Detail
Venezia, a Goddess on a throne of heavenly Clouds is surrounded by the Personifications of Peace, abundance, Glory Happiness honour and security.

4 paintings t y Canaletto
In the 18th centi.ry the proud Sea Republic of Venice had its last, glorious period of time. In those days Venice was the Serenissima, the most brilliant City of the world. In the Vedute, the small pictures of the famous Venitian Painter Canaletto, we also today get an impression of the heyday of Venice: San Marc’s square, the Piazetta, the monumental Church Santa Maria della Salute and the magnificent Library Marciana.

Ballroom off’Palazzo Labia
The Interiors of the Palaces where splendidly and luxuriously decorated. As just one example I show you the Ballroom of the Palazzo Labia with his magnificent chandeliers and the Frescoes painted by the famous Venitian Painter Gian Battista Tiepolo. The story is the famous egyptian pharaonic Godess Cleopatra and her roman lover Marc Anton.

Francesco Guardi Gala-Konzert
Venice was also the center of Music. As just one of the famous omposers I mention Antonio Vivaldi. In this paintingby Francesco Guardi you see a Gala-concert with 100 singers and musicians. The elegant audience promenaded around, refreshments were offered and one might imagine that mt.sic by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was performed.

Francesco Gu ardi Gala-Konzert and Music by Mozart

The Boxes
The noble socieiy of Venice in silk and satin and decorated with precious jewellery occupied the boxes. These boxes were also frequented by the famous Venitian prostitutes, which could from these boxes ostentatiously present their physical attractions. It is reported that there were hundreds of them. Venice was the metropole of pleasure and elegant living, it attracted the rich, the beautiful, the adventurers as well as the international aristocracy and the tourists interested in artand culture.

Francesco Heinz, Carnival in Piazza San Marco


Luca Carlevarijs, Commedia dell’Arte in Piacetta

For the pleasure-hunters the Carnival was extended over months, with masked balls, performances ofthe Commedia dell’Arte and the Arlekino on temporary stages in public squares as you can see here on Saint mark’s square and the Piazetta. Especially the Harlequin was everybodys darling and the most popular figure in the comic plays.